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c-k-engineering-logoC-K Engineering, Inc.(CKE) headquartered in Ellisville MO has over 27 years of success in providing sealing solutions to Spark Ignition (SI) and Compression Ignition (CI) engine sealing problems.  An experienced team of engineers and technicians have amassed an extensive portfolio of skills and tools centered on Sealing Technologies.  Their specialties focus on providing engineered solutions that improve Engine Cylinder Kit Performance.  They have unique capabilities that include design and manufacture of precision gages, piston and piston ring evaluation tools and bench test fixtures that measure and analyze cylinder bore finish and geometry.  The CKE gages provide dimensional data utilized for analysis or input to the PROMPT Cylinder Kit Model.

Listed below are 3 of the more prominent tools that CKE has in its arsenal of Cylinder Kit – Sealing Solutions:

  • The PROMPT model measures and analyzes over 40 dimensional variables on Cylinder Kit performance.  Blowby results are quantitative while oil consumption predictions are qualitative.
  • The SEE 3-D fixture and analyzer measures and analyzes more than 30 surface characteristics – using 3-D images of cylinder bore surfaces.
  • The BEE 3-D cylinder bore geometry gage checks bores for roundness, cylindricity and straightness – using 3-D images (4th order of distortion).  Sensor accuracy is less than 2 microns (µ) R-R capabilities in range of 20-25% based on typical requirements.

The background within CKE is further enhanced through its sister company, C-K Technologies LLC (CKT), a research focused company. CKT engages in research and development through active use of the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) programs as either a prime contractor or as a sub-contractor to other organizations.  The focus is on developing advanced technology associated with Sealing Systems for conventional and experimental combustion engines, as well as identification of preferred materials and lubricants to provide effective  tribological systems in sealing applications.

CKE also offers consulting and design services in all aspects of Sealing Technology; modeling, gaging, simulation, inspection, data reduction and analysis.  Customized gages and bench test fixtures have been developed and implemented for overall and individual cylinder kit components for a wide range of engine builders, manufacturers and suppliers.

CKE frequently partners with Da Vinci Emissions Limited who provides real-time oil consumption measuring services and equipment.  Da Vinci compliments the CKE capabilities to design and improve combustion engine sealing systems, as do other engineering/test organizations such as Advanced Engine Development Corp. and DRC Engineering Inc. whose expertise CKE utilizes where applicable.

The technology available thru CKE includes proprietary Cylinder Kit Software, patented methodologies for materials systems and a number of other technologies such as a unique low level oil sensor that is designed for use in industrial and other engine applications.

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