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BEE 3-D®

The cylinder bore geometry gage quickly checks bores for roundness, cylindricity, and straightness.

The BEE 3-D® system is computer controlled to give quick, accurate results to 1.0 micron (.000040”).

The system is used by engine manufacturers at all stages – initial design and testing, production quality control,  wear testing, and torque plate validation.


Features & Benefits
  • Directly calculates ring face-to-cylinder bore void area
  • Requires no cylinder head modification
  • bee-3d-cylinder-resultsMeasures shape at top ring turn-around
  • Top and bottom clamps automatically locate gage in cylinder bore
  • Dual measuring probes minimize measurement time
  • Windows-based software
  • Precision probes are protected from damage
  • Precision probes have replaceable contact tips
  • Adjustable clamp height
  • Cost-effective

Range Capability:  (for Model 10A)
Diameter – 225-305 mm (8.85-12.0″)
Length – 254-457 mm (10-18″)
-other size ranges available (2.5”-12”)

Precision (design objectives):
Roundness < 1.5 μm
Cylindricity < 1.5 μm
Parallelism < 1.5 μm

3d-test-result-sampleSystem Components:

  • Mechanical measuring device
  • Electrical control/interface module
  • TrueRond display software with integrated ring conformability model
  • Laptop computer with proprietary Windows-based control software

Software Features:

  • Calculates void area between the ring and measured bore based on ring tension, material, and other parameters
  • Easy-to-use Windows-based program
  • 3-D measured bore can be viewed in a CAD-like environment making it easy to zoom and rotate to focus on any area of the cylinder bore
  • Easy-to-read color gradients for displacements of the cylinder bore

Hardware Features:

  • Measures to 0.251 (6.4m) of top of bore with cylinder head in place
  • Clamps at both ends of the shaft for effortless centering of gage in bore
  • Sliding rear clamp to accommodate different bore length
  • Ability to measure with cylinder head attached without modifying head