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T-GageC-K Engineering, Inc. recently announced a new upgrade package for customers using the CKE Tangential Tension Gage.  This gage is used for precision digital measurement of piston ring tension.  Engine performance characteristics affected by ring tangential tension include:  Oil consumption, Horsepower (friction loss) and Cylinder Bore distress.  The new upgrade has been designed for greater precision and longevity in a rugged manufacturing environment.  It features:

  • 64 bit Intel Dual Core Tower PC
  • Widows 7 Ultimate Operating System
  • Upgraded CKE T-T Gage Software Programs v.12
  • Precision Displacement Sensor and computer card
  • Mark 10 Series 5 load cell and cable

JE Piston’s Dave Fussner reported:  “We observed stellar results with the new upgrade.”

Notices have been delivered to all known users, but some have changed hands.  If you have a CKE Tangential Tension Gage or would like to have a new precision T-T Gage, please contact or for more information.

Do you know that the T-T Gage can help you determine the source of oil loss?