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CCDSCF0305 The C-K Engineering Digital Feeler Gage is a unique tool for measuring the end clearance of piston and sealing rings.
Using simple techniques, the Digital Feeler Gage is an easy-to-use digital tool for accurately and precisely measuring end clearance on a wide variety of rings.
Consisting of a tapered feeler blade integrated with an digital reading devise with 3 options for data transfer, the  Digital Feeler Gage eliminates operator interpretation and reduces measurement time and error rate by 50% 
Features & Benefits
  • Simple, rugged and capable in typlcal manufacturing environment
  • Digital tool provides data transfer options
  • Accurately and precisely measures end clearance on a variety of rings
  • Provides three (3) data output options
  • Digital display with manual data transfer – eliminates operator interpretation
  • Digital display with wired data transfer – eliminates manual data transfer errors
  • Digital display with wireless data transfer – can transmit from multiple devices to one data collection system
  • Error of measurement is <50% than observed with traditional feeler blade
  • Output is downloaded to data collection system (Options 2 & 3)