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Digital Light Gage

 digital light gageThe Digital Light Gage provides improved measurement of light tightness.  It generates automatic measurements for percent of circumference, area of open light, and distance from ring face to gage.
This particular gage eliminates variability associated with manual light gages as well as questions relative to burry light, pin hole light, and open light.
The Digital Light Gage completes a measurement and provides a documented record of the output in less than 40 seconds.
Features & Advantages
  • Gathers data automatically
  • Simple to operate and highly repeatable
  • Capable of operating in temperature range of 40° – 120°F
  • Rugged construction permits use on shop floor by a wide variety of personnel
  • Plots areas of pinhole or open light
  • Specific values for open light
  • Automatic measurement of percent of circumference and area of open light
  • Selectable features
  • Output can be downloaded








Capabilities of Unit
  • Ring diameters 2.000” through 6.000” (special designs available for larger or smaller rings)
  • Acceptable ring types:
    • Compression rings
    • 2-piece, or 3-piece oil ring rails (with required gap wedge)
Tooling Required Per Diameter
  • Standard ring gage with diameter same as that in which ring will operate
Utility requirements
  • 110 v, 3 amp, 60 cycle electrical supply
  • Other voltage/frequency units can be supplied for special requirements


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