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keystone ring width gage C-K Engineering’s Keystone Width/Angle Gage was designed and developed with the objective of providing a gage that is simple to operate gage and has significantly improved measuring precision. The Keystone Width/Angle Gage completes a measurement in less than 30 seconds and can be operated in a typical laboratory or manufacturing plant atmosphere.
Its operation is very simple – just insert the reference width set master, master ring, or gage block and then insert the ring to be measured. Finally, press two buttons and the measured width and angle data is displayed.
Features & Benefits
  • Unique design, utilizes either ring set master or gage block for setting reference thickness
  • Capable for both width and angle tolerances based on SAE HS-2200 standard
  • Accommodates ring diameter 3.5 to 7 in (90mm-178mm)
  • Accommodates ring thickness 0.075-0.25 in (1.9mm-6.4mm)
  • Angle value is calculated using multiple readings and best- fit line across ring side
  • Displays digital width and angle dimensions after each reading
  • Simple to operate – two- or three- button operation
  • Measuring precision
  • Less than 30 second per ring time cycle
  • Stores specifications for 30 part numbers
  • Data can be exported to printer or PC windows operating system

Tooling Required per Diameter
  • Ring guide
Utilities Requirements
  • 110 v, 3 amp, 60 cycle electrical supply
  • Shop air 20-60 psig<1cfm