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Inspection and Testing

C-K Engineering offers contract inspection services for measuring piston rings, pistons, and cylinder bore and liner components.

This service has been utilized by engine and compressor designers and test facilities to develop:

  • Pre and post-test measurement of components
  • Measurement of components that exhibit differences in performance

C-K Engineering designs, builds, and operates dedicated bench test fixtures for evaluating various engine components specializing in:

  • Piston rings and pistons
  • Oil Consumption measurement
  • Specialized testing

Bench tests:

LS-9 Wear Tester – Ring Seal face and Cylinder Bore and Seal Mating Surface Friction and Wear Tester

  • Measures wear and friction rates based on variables of:  material, finish, load, lubricant, temperature and ring face profile
  • Used to test combinations of seal and mating surface materials to obtain data for wear rates, friction and scuff resistance in both lubricated and un-lubricated conditions for different seal finishes

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LS-10 Ring Side Microweld and Wear Fixture

  • Simulates the effect of the ring in the groove during engine operations in a controlled test environment that provides data much quicker and cheaper than engine testing
  • Used to measure ring to groove microweld in diesel and spark ignited engines of aluminum, cast iron or Metal matrix (MMC) surfaces.
  • Data leads to solutions or counter measures that have proved to be successful in the past to eliminate observed microweld with minimum cost increases for the piston rings and/or piston grooves
  • Mechanical drive system induces rotational and vertical loading to the ring
  • Applies variations in temperature, force and rotational speed
  • After test rings are evaluated for wear and microweld deposits
  • Alllows for quick and controlled tests that provide data much quicker and cheaper than engine testing
  • Evaluation and recommendations to eliminate microweld and wear based on industry experience and theoretical equations for acceleration, groove deflection, change in momentum, contact pressure and shear stress

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LS-12  Aerosol test Fixture

Measures the aerosol in engine blowby based on material properties of viscosity, liquid density and surface tension

Reasons for aerosol study:

  • Determine the effect of Cylinder bore finish on oil blowby
  • Determine the effect of aerosol on oil consumption by changes in reverse blowby
  • Determine the effecct of aerosol on deposit formation through particle size study

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