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Cylinder Kit & Piston Design Modeling Services

Cylinder Kit Modeling Service

C-K Engineering provides a state of the art, windows based,  Cylinder Kit and components analysis model for piston rings, pistons, and cylinder bore geometries.  

This 4th generation PROMPT model has evolved over the past 30 years and provides an effective analysis of over 40 dimensional variables on cylinder kit performance.

  • Oil Consumption
  • Blow By
  • Wear
  • Hydro Carbon Emissions

 By using combustion pressure data from an engine at speed/load conditions, the PROMPT model can be used to optimize mean value, tolerance and relationships among variables.

Piston Design & Modeling Service

Optimization of piston design and modeling.


  • Stress
  • Temperature Gradient
  • Skirt Contact
  • Friction Loss
  • Piston Motion
  • Land Profiles