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a421The PROMPT is a state-of-the-art cylinder kit analysis model.  Cylinder kit dimensional data is entered through an input tree to access data entry screens.

PROMPT 6.x is a fourth- generation cylinder kit model, that was developed to provide an effective analysis and methodology that allows you to understand the effect of more than forty dimensional variables on cylinder kit performance.  This PROMPT, an input tree to access data entry screens.

Cylinder kit dimensional data is entered through use of an input tree to access data entry screens.

By using combustion pressure data from an engine, the PROMPT model can be used to optimize mean value, tolerance, and relationships among the variables at specific speed, and load conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Windows-based program.prompt3 prompt1 prompt2
  • Ability to consider approximately forty input variables.
  • Modeling of ring conformability to permit ring-to bore orifice areas.
  • Modeling of two and three piece oil rings
  • Calculation and display of specific outputs
  • Gas flow – positive and negative
  • Ring movement
  • Ring force – top/bottom of groove
  • Ring twist
  • Oil film thickness
  • Friction – individual ring

This model has been successfully applied to improve the performance of Small industrial/lawn mower engines, Automotive engines, Diesel engines ranging in size from a few horsepower to several thousand horsepower, and High-performance (race) engines. In order to achieve this improved performance, the model utilizes entered cylinder kit geometry data and the combustion pressure diagram developed in the engine at the speed and load conditions of interest. The PROMPT treats the cylinder kit as a series of orifices/accumulator volumes to calculate, Blowby (quantitatively), Oil consumption (qualitatively), Friction (quantitatively), Hydrocarbon emissions (contribution of piston/rings).