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Smart Dipstick Fluid Sensor

low-level oil sensorC-K Engineering has developed a new low-cost fluid level sensor that is unaffected by vibration.  This sensor offers benefits that can be seen on more expensive models.  The device has to be manually reset due to its positive latching, a feature that is offered on more expensive models
through the use of electronics, which add substantial cost to the overall system. 

The key to this sensor’s stability in heavy vibration areas is the helix.  The helix causes a rotation to be induced to the float; this dampens the vibration thereby causing the sensor to be relatively unaffected by the turbulent fluid.  The ideal use of this sensor is as an oil level sensor for splash-lubricated engines; it also work well in areas where motion is applied to a fluid reservoir. 

Broader utilization of fluid sensors in engine and transmission gear box applications has been limited due to cost and the required use of electronic latching circuits to provide reliable fluid level data.  This new Low-Level Oil Sensor is a reliable, accurate, and affordable system that, with slight modification, is capable of working in any fluid and in a variety of applications.

Features & Benefits
  • Robust Operation
    • Not sensitive to normal vibration levels
    • Not sensitive to malfunction due to engine tipping
    • No wearing parts
  • Cost effective
  • Prevents engine from starting under low fluid level condition
  • Can shut off engine if low fluid level condition is reached during operation
  • Simple installation
  • Compact package size
  • Eliminates need for external electronic module for positive shutoff
  • Startup fluid level check only
  • Continuous fluid level monitoring