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SEE 3-D a® (automotive)

replicator-autoThe Cylinder Bore Surface Replicator was developed to study the change in surface finish and amount of wear in an engine. By utilizing a unique, two-part silicon rubber compound, the Cylinder Bore Surface Replicator makes a highly accurate 3-D copy of the cylinder’s surface. This replicate can then be scanned by a noncontact surface analyzer to produce all the vital surface finish data you need. Simple, easy to understand data outputs clearly display the data, which helps you better control your machining process and produce the best possible product.

The CKE SEE 3-D Three-Dimensional Surface Evaluation system consists of three components. The first is the SEE 3-D replicate head, which is a nondestructive cylinder bore replicating device utilizing a proprietry replicate material to create high reolution molds of the bore surface. The second component to the SEE 3-D system is the ZeGage white light interferometer used to map the surface of the mold in three dimensions. The third is the customized SPIP software that quantifies up to thirty 2D and 3D surface characteristics, including Cross hatch Angle, Proosity and Torn and Folded Material. The system allows for quick, accurate and nondestructive cylinder bore surface finish analysis that can be used to control finishing processes and reduce wear and oil consumption in internal combustion engines.

Features & Advantages
  • Accurately reproduces cylinder bore surface finish and wear pattern
  • Accurately measures hone line angle
  • Minimal setup time
  • Provides 2-D and 3-D data (RK, RPK, RVK, Ra SK, SPK, SVK, Sa)
  • Variable leg length for a variety of bore sizes
  • Full integrated system
  • Software capable of more than 30 common parameters
  • Samples are storable and indefinitely available for analysis at any time
  • No possibility of probe damage
  • Dispensing system creates little or no mess
  • Quantifies cross hatch angle, porosity and torn & folded material
Sizing Information
  • For bores between 75mm-145mm(2.95″-5.708″) and lengths up to 120mm (4.75″)
  • Sizes above 145mm (5.708″), can be produced; see SIZING CHART
  • Top plate that mates with specific parameters can be made
  • Most lead times will be 4 to 8 week